TE-VAP Coaching: Coaching performed by way of an online platform or app available across all electronic devices. Access to standard protocols with option to have customized protocol (s) for a one time nominal fee. In addition to nutrition facts, you will receive feedback from your health coach via the online platform and app.

Introductory Price



What’s VAP coaching? VAP stands for virtual accountability partner. Sometimes life gets busy, unexpected things happen and you just might not have time to attend a timed session, but everyone has time to eat, take selfies and text right? That’s why I decided to start TE-VAP coaching. It allows you to do what you already tend to do! When you Eat, be sure to Snap a picture of your food and Log it in your food journal (ESL). Logging can be done by free text, scanning the bar code of an item, or snapping and uploading a picture of the nutrition facts! The food journal is completely editable. Once reviewed, I will advise you on how to make adjustments if necessary to optimize your ability to achieve your wellness goals whether that is to reduce your blood pressure, lower cholesterol or even weight. While taking care of your every day responsibilities you can still find the time to work on your wellness goals! No need to worry about rushing to get to a session, just upload your data for your coach to review ON YOUR TIME! For just $1.67 per day ( less than 6 packs of ramen noodles) you gain access to the following:

  • Access to Practice Better, an online platform that allows you access to your health coach (that’s me!) via instant messaging on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop!

  • Food and Mood Journal to scan or snap a picture of your food items which allows your health coach to provide feed back on your food selections the same or next day.

  • Gotta quick question about something while out and about? Shoot me a message in the chat box that is included with your Practice Better app!

  • Access to Meal Garden- an online platform that allows you to research healthy recipes based on time to prepare, food intolerance, recipes that you create on your own or find online. Review customized meal plans that I create for you based on your wellness goals and see their nutrition facts in real time! 

  • Through your Practice Better online account, you also get access to an online course, Nutrition, The Basics. This course includes 4 modules: Introduction, Macronutrients, Vitamins and Minerals.

  • *Standard Nutrition and Wellness Protocols: All protocols (if applies)include food and lifestyle recommendations, supporting documents and links from credible sources for added motivation and reinforcement of the material.

*Package includes below protocols for no additional cost. Customized protocols is a one time price of $15.00 each. The customized protocol is based on data you provided in a discovery call and comprehensive health history. No need to research on your own, I do the leg work for you! The best part? The protocols are yours FOREVER even if you decide to cancel your virtual health coaching.

Disclaimers: It is strongly recommended that you download and save your protocol when you view it. Once you cancel you no longer have access to the online platform that holds all of your protocols. Videos that are attached to protocols will not appear in downloads. All services are non refundable once purchased. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Currently Available Standard Protocols

  • General Nutrition and Wellness (GNAW): this protocol includes quick tips to get you started on your wellness journey and covers sleep, hydration, physical activity as well as healthy eating.

  • Plant Based Iron (PBI): This protocol provides a non exhaustive list of plant based iron rich sources and includes a few tips to help increase its absorption.

  • Plant Based Proteins (PBP): The plant based proteins protocol includes a easy to follow breakdown of plant based foods according to type of grain, seeds/nuts, legumes, meat substitutes and low starch vegetables.

  • Sodium Mindfulness(SM): This allows the TE-VAP client that is on a low sodium diet for health related condition to achieve a habit of mindfulness when it comes to sodium consumption. This protocol includes food recommendations, links and supporting documents from the American Heart Association.

    * TE is not responsible for links or videos that may become unavailable in the future as all recommendations are researched and evidence based. Research tends to be fluid and non linear and is therefore subject to change over time. We do however, make every attempt to ensure that the information provided is the most up to date while you are a TE-VAP Coaching client.