Let someone else praise, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.

-Proverbs 27:2

A delight to work with and our practice is truly fortunate to have her.
She leads by example, by encouraging healthy choices and is consistently bringing education to share with the entire office and is ALWAYS positive.
[Mishell] is a tremendous asset.
I believe the staff enjoyed the education as much as our patients did, and we have seen a change in our staff’s beverage preferences since then.
Mishell has demonstrated her expertise and leadership with regards to her promotion of healthy eating and wellness.
What a great nurse practitioner, teacher and all around great human being. She does her work with so much passion. She has so much respect for her patients, and she is very compassionate. Her patients speak very highly of her.
Mishell exudes a positive attitude, has succinct goals for her life, has good incite, great work habits and has the ability to absorb and impart knowledge well.
Mishell rocks!!!
Wonderful ability to work with patients and colleagues. She has an intellectual thirst that drives her.
Mishell is the best positive motivator that i’ve had the joy to work with. A great asset.
[She] is such a wonderful person and is always willing to help out in any way. I appreciate that she tries to keep us healthy by sending email reminders or posting health related notes in the kitchen . MISHELL IS THE BEST!!!

Mishell is a wonderful, hard-working nurse practitioner who cares deeply for her patients and is wholeheartedly devoted to helping others achieve a better state of health- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. She treats every one of her patients with grace, compassion, and respect. I am humbled and honored to know and have the privilege to work with someone so devoted to her calling and who truly practices what she preaches about healthy living!
I am fortunate to have the privilege of working alongside Mishell on a daily basis and witness first hand her compassion, strength, knowledge, spirituality and integrity when caring for her patients. Her passion for promoting a wholesome lifestyle in conjunction with her medical knowledge is sincerely remarkable.
I work with Mishell and she is such a positive, energetic influence on the office. It is a pleasure being around her on a daily basis.
I work indirectly with Mishell, but I never pass her that we don’t speak. She is a beautiful soul and speaks kindly and respectfully to her patients.