Embrace “You”niqueness…

There is only one You. By Divine design we were intricately woven together to have the same internal and external parts, but much like a car, we have different size parts, model years and internal features. Some even have more or less drive or "horsepower" than others when it comes to the level of energy, agility and metabolism. With that being said what works for someone achieving their nutrition and wellness goals may not work as well or the same as for someone else. Regardless of how we define wellness, we all need a  "tune-up" every now and then and every few thousand miles while we travel this rough, unpredictable road called life. Remember the following on your path to wellness:

1.       Avoid comparing Yourself to someone else. Your journey will be unique. Your outside distractions, current level of health, barriers to achieving Your goal and support system will be different from others.

2.       The first step in meeting Your goal is first determining why You want to change and hold on to that reason. Then look inside Your unique self and determine what You need to get there.

3.       Once You have determined what You need to get there, ACT. Knowledge is great, but if it is not put into action, what good is the knowledge? For instance, we all know that we need to eat fruits and vegetables as this is common knowledge, but what keeps You specifically from consuming it as often as you know You need to or at all? If this example applies to you, I want you to think about it and write down Your answer.

When you lose hope or encouragement repeat steps all over again. You see, getting from where You are to where You want to be on the health spectrum begins with and depends on YOU, uniquely and all it takes is just a few steps in the right direction.

-Trinity Evexia